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Welcome to Celtic Star Kennels

Here at Celtic Star Kennels we aspire to breed not only beautiful puppies but ones that are healthy, happy and well socialised to the highest standards. We are a fully licensed small family run business based in Wales, UK. We specialise in Chowski’s (Chow Chow x Siberian Husky) and Pomsky’s (Pomeranian x Siberian Husky).

More about us

Our journey started in 2008..

​Celtic Star Kennels began in 2008 when we had our first litter of Chowski puppies. Our goal is to produce top quality Chowski’s and Pomsky’s for sale for families all over Wales and throughout the UK. We have lived 10 years of extensive knowledge and experience on breeding, and are proud of how far we have come already. Furthermore, we provide a friendly service when choosing your desired puppy of choice and ensure quality and reliability is fulfilled during the process. It doesn’t end there you can contact us for help and advice anytime, after collecting your puppy from us at Celticstar. 


Our dogs have champion bloodlines and our sires hold some of the best lines in the world!

Our puppies available for sale are kept in excellent conditions a part of our family. Our Sire`s at Celtic Star hold some of the best lines in the world, World Champion level Lines. Due to poor breed standards increasing of the Pomeranian and Chow Chow in the UK, we imported our sires when puppies from world level breeders, in such countries as Russia Latvia, Serbia and Japan! This is to ensure our sire`s are true to type, and our puppies at Celtic Star have champion bloodlines. We better the breeds we are in!

Our reputation speaks for itself

Moving on to our puppies, Chowski’s are very loyal, intelligent and eager to listen to commands whereas, our Pomsky’s are considered a relatively new unique puppy breed that are always eager to impress their owners and respond well to reward based training methods. Our website features a section upon each of our Pomsky and Chowski puppies’ features regarding personality traits and appearance including body colour and eye colour. Our puppies are all stunning at Celtic Star, our reputation speaks for itself from past litters.

Thank you to our friends from all over the world who trust in us!



If you’re interested in any of our Pomsky and Chowski puppies for sale we have an online application specific to the puppy of your choice. Don’t forget take a look at our gallery, for general enquiries contact us today – 07535717837.