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Established in 2008 Ross & Chantele (Owners of Celtic Star Kennels)

Ross & Chantele have been involved with dogs combined for over 20 years. It was in 2008 when we decided to have our first litter of Chowski puppies, and what a journey it has been for us since then. We are a family run licensed, reputable UK breeder. All our adult dogs are health checked every year to ensure our puppies are sound in health. And we also work with the British veterinary association for strict health testing so you can be confident that you are in the right hands, you also receive a health guarantee from us!

Our puppies are fully examined by our vet e.g teeth, eyes, lungs, heart. We only sell 100% healthy happy puppies! We are very proud that over the years we have a track record for consistently producing the highest quality puppies in the breeds we specialise in. We don’t only breed for health we breed for temperament! All our puppies are raised at our family home around young children and other dogs. First full course of vaccinations and vet check is given at 6 weeks old, and a veterinary card is given with each puppy.


We are a UK Licenced Breeder Specialising in the Pomsky, Chowski & Japanese Shiba Inu

Our dogs have Multi champion bloodlines!
Not just your average dog!
We breed for temperament and health...

And our sire’s at Celtic Star hold some of the best lines in the world, World Champion level lines! Due to the poor breed standards increasing in the UK, we spend a fortune on the best dogs, so we can breed the best quality puppies.

From strict BVA health tested blood lines, our sires alone were imported when puppies from world level breeders, in such countries as USA, Russia, Latvia, Serbia and Japan! This is to ensure our sire’s are true to type, and our puppies at Celtic Star have champion bloodlines.

We also DNA test for over 160 genetic diseases to ensure that we not only breed for temperament but for health also. We better the breeds we are in.



We are a fully licensed breeder
And we give a health Guarantee!
Licensed Dog Breeding Establishment
Higher standards and facilities...

Dog breeders in the Uk have the opportunity to be inspected by government & local vets. If you have the appropriate facilities for your dogs you are granted a license.

The guidelines from the Local Authority & Veterinary Service in UK is about good practices and animal welfare. We pride ourselves in having the best facilities for our dogs.


Passion for Animal Welfare
How We Treat Our Dogs
Not your average breeder...
All our dogs are a part of our family. They all get to come in the house, go on walks, road trips, and are free to run and play. We are lucky enough to own a cottage with land in the Welsh countryside.

We are extremely proud of the facilities our dogs have and outstanding conditions they are kept in. They are each an individual, with a name, a personality of their own, and loved by us. They are not numbers, puppy making machines, and they are not expendable. They are our cherished pets first, and occasionally they have puppies to share with you. All our dogs have their own sleeping areas with large exercise areas, and access to our secured land for 12 hours in the day with plenty of toys, other dogs and human company.

They are all wormed and vaccinated on schedule and looked after like our own children, second to none. As we are fully licensed all our dogs are health checked every year to ensure they are 100% healthy. They are brushed and groomed as often as needed.

We are a professional breeder with many years of experience and specialise in Chowski, Pomsky & Japanese Shiba Inu, we are not your average unlicensed back yard house/hobby breeder, we are fully licensed which get inspected by our council every year to be granted a license, with thousands put into our dogs so they have excellent facilities, they couldn’t be looked after any better, they are truly spoilt. Anyone who has had a puppy form us at Celtic Star knows our standards and love for our dogs is above most.


Our dogs are our lives..
And our reputation speaks for itself!
What Makes Them Special

We are very proud as to how we raise our puppies. They are so impressionable and special. We do not lock them in cages and forget about them. We do not ignore our puppies until they are ready to go to a new home. We love our dogs & puppies there our family and we have so much fun with each litter.

When a litter is expected, mother is kept in her warm room with her own bed while we closely monitor her actions, temp, and mood. When her temp drops, or her actions tell us she is close she is moved into our specially designed delivery room with a special delivery bed. We sit with the mother, pet her, soothe her, and try to comfort her as best we can through her labour and delivery.

The puppies get held many times a day, every day. They know us by smell at first, then they start to hear us, then eventually they see us. They can start to wag their tails before their ears and eyes open. They usually start to wag their tails when we come in and pet them.

As they grow, they get used to all kinds of sounds of the home. Here are a few they are exposed to: the tv, phone, vacuum, other dogs barking, kids talking, laughing, toys being played with and so much more. This is all very important imprinting as the puppy will be used to the everyday noises of the home. They come to accept all these sounds as normal. That makes them stronger, friendlier, more outgoing, confident, and makes the transition to your home easier since all they need to get used to is your new family!

Each puppy will be wormed, de-flea’d, microchipped and vaccinated before they leave our home. That gets them off to a very healthy start. They will come with a Celtic Star folder including health record card, vaccination record, microchip details (Chip number) & puppy guide booklet. They will also see our vet who will carefully inspect them to be sure they are 100% healthy and ready for their new homes, and we also offer a lifetime after care breeder support for each of our puppies. We also have social media as we love to see updates of our puppies.



Here at Celtic Star we care very much for our little fur babies.

So when you write to enquire about a puppy do not be insulted if we write back and ask you a few questions too. Why not take the time to fill out our application form. This will ensure we are able to match our puppies with the right families and get to know you more a little also 🙂


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