What our clients say about our Puppies!

Little Leo has been is the new edition to the White family and what a character this little pup is, not only is he gorgeous he has such a personality about him and we are already so in love. We can’t recommend Celtic Star enough, Ross was our main point of contact through out and was great at keeping us updated with photos and videos. Ross & Chantele really care for their puppies and the new homes they will be going to, they made sure not only the puppy was a right fit for us but that we were a right fit for the puppy. Thank you so much for our little rascal. Emma & Jon (Kent, UK)

Emma, Jon & Leo

Hi Ross, Megawolf is settling in great. He has a pen with a den at the back of the bedroom where he sleeps soundly surrounded by chew and plush toys. He’s doing brilliant with toilet and leash training, and slowly learning what he should and shouldn’t be biting. As I write, he is asleep with his head on my leg after a run around the garden. When we picked up Megawolf from Celtic Star, they gave us information packs with full medical and breeding history which was a real confidence booster. We love having him, training and playing with him and cultivating the best place for our puppy to feel safe and cared for. Chris (Edinburgh, UK)

Chris & Megawolf

Hi Ross and Chantele, just wanted to say a huge Thank you to both… after a huge 6 year search trying to find the perfect puppy. I finally came across Celtic Star Kennels, I originally messaged them and straight away i got sent picks of Sapphire…. I fell in love straight away with her eyes…. she has settled in amazingly. Shes full of energy and so playful the perfect part of my family. She follows me everywhere and gets attention every time we are out.. a 15 minute walk through the park turns into a 2 hour chat with everyone finding out what breed she is. So I just want to say a huge Thank you to Ross and Chantele for the weekly updates and all the information to get me started on my life journey with Sapphire and also the continuous help through any troubles we have. Absolutely faultless and a huge 5 star review. Sam & Sapphire (Manchester, UK)

Sam & Sapphire

I had been browsing the internet for many weeks, looking to buy a puppy for my 10 yr old daughter. I’m an extremely conscientious person and wanted to make sure that the breeder was reputable, ethical and had integrity. I was lucky enough to hit on the Celtic Star Kennels website and called up to speak to Ross. My gut instinct suggested that Ross was decent and genuine. He wasn’t interested in simply securing a sale, instead asking me lots of questions about our lifestyle and how the puppy would fit in. He clearly had the interests of the dogs at heart. Immediately I established a good rapport with him. He provided me with information on various related topics and emailed pictures of puppies available at that time. My daughter fell in love with one in particular and… well, the rest is history. Roxi, as she is now named, has settled into her new home and is extremely happy and content. She has immediately acclimatised to a homely environment and that is credit to Chantele and Ross. Her nature is adorable and is testament to the care and attention she received, during the early weeks of her young life.My respect and liking for Celtic Star Kennels, the owners, ethos and what they represent, couldn’t be greater. Ross and Chantele are lovely people. Conscientious and caring breeders too. Ross and Chantele, thank you so much for bringing Roxi into our lives. She will be very well cared for. We will keep you updated on her progress, in the coming months and years. Emel, my daughter couldn’t be happier. Her bond with Roxi is already incredibly strong. A perfect match, made possible by you both. Huseyin & Emel (Essex, UK)

Huseyin, Emel & Roxi

Hi Ross, Chantele, Eevee has been at home for a couple of days now and she is amazing! She had her first visit with the vet and he said she was great, he was also impressed with all the information and advice that you gave us. As breeders you have been great and clearly care so much about the puppies. Eevee has a cheeky and smart personality, we cant wait for her to go out into the world and explore. Thank you so much Ross, Chantelle, Lulu and Bertie for bringing this beautiful girl into our lives. Kiki & Tom (Wolverhampton, UK)

Kiki, Tom & Eevee

We picked up our little Beara on 18th May 2018… its been almost 3 weeks and she has settled in so so well. We are absolutely besotted with her and couldnt imagine not having her around!She is very cheeky, very clumsy and yet extremely clever at the same time! At nearly 13 weeks old she can sit, lie down and paw ???? She absolutely loves her morning and evening walks through the forest and across the fields… Still working on her recall but hopefully shell pick this up in no time and be free from her lead. Well keep you updated as she gets bigger but already you can see a difference… thank you for everything you have done for us. You have been extremely helpful and we always know your just the other end of the phone if we need anything, you never make us feel like a burden! Kirin & Kieran (Derbyshire, UK)

Beara, Kirin & Kieran

Hi Ross and Chantele, Just wanted to thank you for our gorgeous little Chowski girl Addy. She is nearly 4 months old now and settled into the family so quickly and is very happy. We all love her to bits as well as our friends and family who now want a Chowski lol. She is really bright and picked up basic tricks within the first week. She loves her big brother Barney as well….although he doesn’t like it when she cheekily pinches his food lol. Addy will be starting puppy training classes in two weeks and we are looking forward to that….we have no doubt she will do very well. Thank you again for everything and how you made the whole experience so easy. We particularly liked receiving the update photos every week. Keep in touch. The Walker family (Creator Moor, UK)

Addy & the Walker Family

My name is Danny, and in November 2017 I had the privilege of meeting Ross and Chantele, and the new addition to my family – a beautiful, healthy and very happy Pomsky puppy, who I named Angel. Angel settled perfectly and became a part of our family from the first moment her paws entered her new home. She immediately began to play with her toys, and having used her puppy pads straight away, demonstrated how happy, relaxed and content she felt. Angel has an amazingly friendly nature and her personality is one of a kind. She is energetic and sociable, as well as intelligent and obedient.  She is also extremely loyal and does not leave my side – she loves going to work with me every day in my Fishing Shop and is in her element when we go away on fishing trips. Celtic Star Kennels is a family run licensed reputable UK breeder who I highly recommend to anyone who is looking to add a beautiful, healthy Pomsky puppy to their family. I hope to find a playmate for Angel in the future, and Celtic Star Kennels will be my first and only choice of breeders. I would like to thank Ross and Chantele for giving me the opportunity to become the proud owner of Angel, She really is my Angel! Danny & Angel (Bridgewater, UK)


Danny & Angel

Dear Ross & Chantele ,  I can not even begin to tell you how amazing our little Skyla is ! We couldn’t of wished for a better pup  , her intelligence and learning capacity has completely blown us away. It’s her second day and still there has been no accidents , I couldn’t believe that this morning there was no presents left in her crate and the moment she was let outside she did her business… and she has continued to preferably wait until being put in the courtyard before relieving herself. Today she has been around little ones ranging from 1-4 and has been beautifully gentle and patient with all of them and of course happy for cuddles off anyone and everyone ! This confident pup has clearly been amazingly handled by you both and I can not credit you enough ! From first meeting you it’s evident how much knowledge and all around amazing breeders you are , and I know help is at hand if ever needed. Sorry for the lengthy review but I could honestly write pages explaining why and how we are so chuffed we are with our little one and everything you’ve done for us x Thankyou Celtic Star Kennels ! Xx  Alesha & Skyla (Cheshire, UK)

Alesha & Skyla

From the moment we registered our interest in wanting a chowski, Ross and Chantele managed it very professionally and made us feel very comfortable, From saying we were welcome to visit whenever prior to the pick up day. The knowledge they both have on these dogs are second to none and we know any questions or queries we have they will help us out no matter what.We can’t thank them enough for helping us start a little family.Thank you both, Paige, Tom & Yogi (Doncaster, UK)


Paige, Tom & Yogi

We would like to say a huge thank you for bringing Floki into our family! He is awesome and we adore him! He’s so intelligent and keen to learn! He gets compliments where ever he goes about how gorgeous he is and how well behaved for such a young puppy! They all want to know what breed he is and ask lots of questions. He is so sociable and absolutely loves playing with other dogs of all sizes! In fact he’s so confident he loves to chase the biggest ones he can find. He has also been great with our two children. You were both so helpful from our very first visit. We did our homework and thoroughly researched Pomskys and the best place to get one! There were lots available locally but your website stood out to us and your puppies seemed to have such better markings! You did not disappoint! Showing us all your puppies, letting us meet Mum and dad and answering our many questions! You were both so friendly and helpful! With no pressure you gave us time to go away and think (all the way back to Southampton)! But it was worth the trip, we were smitten! When we came back to collect him with our daughter, you even played along as he was a gift from Santa and when we walked through the door she was delighted to see him playing in his Santa scarf, nice touch! You loaded us with information and support via email and explained all about his veterinary needs as well us giving us his food to get started and details on his chip. You were also happy to help support us even after we took him home! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! The Fisher’s (Southampton,UK)

Fisher Family & Floki

We had been thinking about getting another dog, we already have a chocolate Labrador and after lots of research decided on a Pomsky. We soon realised that there weren’t many breeders about and feel extremely lucky to have found Ross and Chantelle.  They were so helpful and answered all of our questions. We met Wispa and fell in love with her straight away. She’s now 15 weeks old and has a brilliant, if somewhat mischievous personality, which makes her adorable, she is also extremely clever. She loves to play and also loves to cuddle. It feels like she’s always been part of our family. She is great with our older dog and also great with children.
We’d highly recommend getting a puppy from Ross and Chantelle and can’t thank them enough for the newest member of our family!!
Andrew, Karen & Wispa (Manchester, UK)

Andrew, Karen & Wispa

We picked up our stunning Cinders in 2017 from Celtic Star Kennels. Chantelle and Ross were very helpful and knowledgeable about the breed and training tips. Our little black bear, Cinders, has such a kind disposition and is loving towards people, kids and other animals. She is inquisitive and eager to learn. She has already mastered the usual sit, lay, rollover and paw. The beautiful addition to our little family is kind, gentle and loving. People passing us on walks always remark on how stunning and well behaved she is. We highly recommend Chantelle and Ross and their beautiful puppies. Thank you ever so much, Briony & Wayne. (Derbyshire, UK)

Briony, Wayne & Cinders

We can’t thank Ross & Chantele enough for our happy, healthy, handsome boy ‘Rolo’!
We had been looking for a Pomsky puppy for a while and as soon as we came across Celtic Star Kennels we knew their knowledge and experience was second to none. All of our questions continue to be answered promptly and they have a genuine interest in each and every pups progress.
Rolo is an extremely playful, inquisitive and confident pup.. thanks again! Jess & Sam (Hereford, UK)

Jess, Sam & Rolo

After searching for the perfect Pomsky for 12 months I came across Celtic Stars advert. From first contact with Chantelle I knew I had found the right breeder.She had so much experience with the breed and had lots of information on them. On picking up our beautiful Pomsky boy, Nico , we were invited into their lovely family Home where we got to meet the puppies Parents. They were both of a gorgeous temperament and friendly dogs with my self and my 7 year old . We were given a lovely puppy pack and information and a supply of puppy food which is high quality . Chantele and Ross are lovely , caring breeders and have kept in touch since we picked up Nico last year with updates and pics of him growing up . Nico is just perfect In every way , he’s a tiny Pomsky with beautiful markings . He was quick to train and is an intelligent dog . He’s friends with all he meets , dogs and children and his best friend is our 2 year old kitten who loves to play with him . I don’t think you could find a better breeder for a perfect Pomsky .  Sonia & Nico (Tamworth, UK)

Sonia & Nico

We started looking for a pomsky , and fairly soon came across the beautiful pomskys at Keltic  star. I called Ross and luckily they had a litter that had just been born 2 days earlier . From that day on Ross and Chantelle kept me informed with weekly pup dates , pictures and videos of how our little boy was getting on . We travelled with 2 of our children to wales from Essex to meet him when he was 5 weeks old . There were 4 in the litter all of them beautiful . It was obvious that they were integrated into Ross and Chantelle’s life and were very gentle with their little boy . We met both the little Pomeranian daddy and beautiful Siberian Husky mumma. We fell in love with him . We had already paid a small deposit to hold him and now had a 3 week wait until we could come again and take him home . We got busy getting all of our new bits and puppy proofing the house and garden . It was a long 3 weeks!! We continued to get our weekly growth pic , he was changing so much every week ! When the day finally arrived we were so happy to see him he was sliding around and playing and rolling a real bundle of fun!. Ross and Chantelle , super helpful with an information pack , all the vaccine details and a food supply . The journey home was a bit rocky being that he was in the car for 7 hours poor little guy , we dealt with sick , wee and poo !!  When we got him he was straight in playing with the kids and settled well in his crate only crying for perhaps 10 minutes . After a few days he was happy to go into his crate at night and curl up . He has adjusted so well , he has a great little personality and a kind soul . He approaches other dogs really calmly and nothing seems to phase him ( except for the hoover ! ). At just 16 weeks he is crate trained , rarely has any accidents , has stopped nibbling the children and has slotted into our home so well . A walk through the high street I can be stopped 5 or 6 times people saying how beautiful he is and what breed is he. Lots of people say he looks like an arctic fox or a Little white wolf 🙂 . Thank you Ross and Chantelle xx Kate, Nick & Ghost (Essex, UK)

Kate, Nick Poulson & Ghost

We cannot thank Chantele & Ross enough for our perfect little boy Miska, our little bear. Ive waited a very long time to find the perfect puppy & he was definitely worth the wait. We’ve only had Miska for a couple of weeks but within the first few days we had him he already learnt how to sit, give you paw & to stay. He is so clever! He also knows to go outside to the toilet it’s very rare he’ll wee inside but when he has it’s been in his safe area. I’m sure he will pick other tricks up in no time 🙂 He is very loveable and likes a good fuss. Chantele & Ross are amazing to deal with they get back to with any queries you have very quickly. Thanks again ! X Steph, Joe & Miska, (Newcastle-Under-Lyme, UK)

Steph, Joe & Miska

Hi Ross & Chantele, we want another chowski! Floki asked for a brother for Christmas. He’s getting on great and is such a happy lad all the time, always full of beans bouncing around everywhere. He loves autumn chasing the leaves  etc. Everyone stops and says hellos to him, even people that don’t like dogs. He’s very well behaved all the time and eats like a beast. He’s got sheep that come to see him on one of his walks, horse friends, cat friends and loads of dogs he’s always playing with too. Danny & Floki (Isle of Man)


Chantele and Ross were great to deal with. They answered all of my many questions quickly and with obvious expertise. They clearly care about each pup, and I couldn’t be happier with Willow. She’s my happy, healthy fox dog! Verity & Willow (UK)


Just over year ago we went to meet the most amazing, friendly, loyal, funny, energetic puppy we could have wished for. Having originally had our hearts set on a Chow Chow all plans were thrown out when we saw the Chowski puppies Ross had to offer. I contacted him immediately and he got back to me very quickly and even sent me additional photographs after asking. Mowgli is just over a year now and he is completely perfect! We have a lot of friends with dogs and he is so hassle free and laid back. My favourite thing about Mowgli is that he has copious amounts of energy and will go on bike rides, country walks dog shows but loves a good nap too! Living in London people aren’t always the most approachable but as soon as we were able to take him out people would stop me and give so many compliments and enquire about is breed, name, age, everything and it hasn’t stopped.Everyone loves him, other dogs and children too. Mowgli was so good around kids he would come to visit my class of 4-5yr olds at school on a regular basis. We have loved getting to know our boy so much and have confidence in Celticstar Kennels we will definitely getting a little sister for Mowgli from them again soon. Thank you Celticstar for our gorgeous boy!
Alexandra, Darren and of course Mowgli! (London, UK)


I cannot thank Ross & Chantele enough, for breeding such a delightful puppy at Celtic Star Kennels. Our pup, Luna, has a fantastic temperament, being extremely affectionate and displays a gentle nature with other people and animals. I would highly recommend Celtic Star, as their breeding dogs are producing exceptional progeny, both in characteristics of the Pomsky and also good nature.
Jamie and Kelly x (Neath, UK)


We purchased our beautiful Sansa from Celtic Star Kennels in September 2017 and are so happy with the addition to our family.  Her little personality and disposition were so pleasant and exactly as we were told they would be.  Ross and Chantele were the most helpful answering all of our questions and concerns. The pet transport service they employed to deliver her to the United States was precisely what we had hoped, as she arrived in excellent shape.  We highly recommend their services and feel they truly love what they do. Sincerely David Brooks, Dallas Texas (USA)


We purchased Cana from Chantele as an 8 week old puppy. She was so tiny and so cute! She’s now 9 months old and has grown in to a beautiful dog. She is really healthy, with the kindest, softest of temperaments. Everywhere we go, Cana gets compliments from people and they all want to feel her lovely soft coat. She is great with all other dogs, and children and has been easy to train. I have just started dog agility classes with Cana and she loves it! I would highly recommend buying a puppy from Chantele, as they are not only beautiful, but healthy dogs with amazing, kind temperaments. Thanks, Charlotte xxx (Maidstone, UK)


Hey Ross & Chantele, It’s been 4 months since we first met and picked up our beloved little Skyler. I just wanted to say both of you have done an impeccable job with breeding! Myself and Julie have always wanted to have a dog but we were never in the position to have one (We lived in top story flats and both of us had full time jobs so it wouldn’t have been fair). We purchased a new house and finished doing all the work required but we knew something was missing – we needed a canine companion. I have always wanted a Husky but after researching it was discovered that it wouldn’t be fair to take on such as high energetic, high maintenance and big breed. Julie decided to look into alternative dogs and we can across the Pomsky however there wasn’t a lot of information on the internet as it’s relatively new breed. Our initial engagement put all the insecurities we had to rest and we decided to travel all the way from Edinburgh to come and see you and the 18 hours of travel was definitely worth it. I wanted to say a massive thank you for all the information you provided to us before and after. I was amazed about all the support you provided us from what type of food to have and when to increase it, the booklet you gave us was very insightful and Skyler has grown to be a beautiful, kind natured and loving dog (Shes 6 months old now but she will always be my baby girl). This is Skyler – shes my baby girl and my best friend! Thanks again Celticstar! Martyn Langlands (Scotland, UK)


Me & my husband both highly recommend Celtic Star Kennels. We fell in love with Mochi when we first saw her but have always slightly regretted not bringing the boy home aswell. So a year later, we see Mocha and instantly rang to reserve him. We now have a complete family and are very happy. Mochi is super happy too now that she has a brother to play with and they are never alone since they both have each other. Mocha is a cheeky boy and there is never a dull moment.Thank you again
Janet and Andrew x (Manchester, UK)

Mochi & Mocha

Huge thanks to Celtic Star Kennels for our beautiful little puppy Molly the Pomsky! She is super cute and friendly and is learning new puppy skills everyday, I would highly recommend you to anyone thinking of getting a pomsky or a chowsky, thanks for all the help, we love her!
Alison & Molly (Cardiff, UK)


When my brother brought back Gus, I wanted a dog myself more and more each day because Gus is such a wonderful and amazing dog, as he always brightens everyone’s mood. So, when I saw on Instagram that the same breeders had advertised another litter, I just had to take the opportunity to get one myself. Tyler is a wonderful dog to have and he is an absolute pleasure to have. Having two dogs from the same breeder speaks volumes of how good they are as breeders, and I would recommend Celticstar Kennels to anyone. As my brother and I both live in Newcastle, we were committed to even travel the distance to pick up Tyler. The process leading up to getting Tyler presented no problem what so ever and communication was good and effective. Celticstar took steps to ensure my brother and I were suitable owners for both Tyler and Gus and remained professional throughout the whole process.
I could not imagine a day without Gus or Tyler and life is a joy every day to have them. Their presence is warming and comforting which is helped by their calm temperament.
Thank you so much Celticstar
Alex & Tyler Cheung (Newcastle, UK)


Hi Ross and Chantele, Lady has settled in fine, she is perfect! I love her so much! I’m so over the moon to have found her and thank you so much for trusting me with her, after all the searching for the perfect pomsky, can’t believe I’m lucky enough to have found her.
Thanks again
Tracey & Lady (Plymouth, UK)


Hi guys,
I don’t feel like any words can really describe how great you are and what amazing puppies you produce, but here it goes.
Chantele and Ross were absolutely fabulous from the moment I first made contact, right up until after I brought Bear home. I have no doubt they will continue to give help and guidance in the following weeks, months and years also. They are both so knowledgable and really know what they are doing.
Bear is such a healthy, happy and confident puppy, I really couldn’t wish for any better. At 10 weeks old he is toilet trained, and has never had an accident during the night! Amazingly he has also slept through the night from day (or should I say night) one.
I would highly recommend Celtic Star as the puppies produced are of an amazing quality and you will get all the help and guidance you should ever need. I have actually recommended a few friends already, why wouldn’t I, they are the best!
Thank you guys, you have made us very happy.
Sarah, Rhys, Zane and Bear Xxx (Bristol, UK)

Bear 3

We can’t say anything but lovely things about Ross and Chantele from the beginning when we knew we wanted a pomsky and we first started speaking with Ross and Chantele we knew we had chosen the right people.
Very helpful, and because we lived far away from Marley we wanted to make sure he was the one for us, so Ross and Chantele done a few videos of Marley as a puppy and told us about him and answered any questions, which I thought was very thoughtful.
When we went to pick him up and done the long journey to get him we knew we had made the right choice. Ross and Chantele gave us everything we needed – all his vaccination books, food to keep us going and a very helpful pomsky handbook! We were very happy and couldn’t wait to bring our new addition home.
I made sure I told them I would keep them updated and since he has been with us that’s exactly what I have done! He has been on his first holiday, training, playing with my dad’s dog, socialising with other people. And here he is.. 4 months old and a little gem 🙂 we are so happy we got a pomsky, lovely temperament and loving caring dogs. We take him to puppy solicitation and training and already he is picking it up so well. We often get stopped from people asking us where we got Marley from and I wouldn’t hesitate in giving them Ross and Chantele’s number as breeders. Who knows we may go back and get a second one, one day! Thanks Ross and Chantele for all your help and advice and letting us have Marley in his forever home in Bracknell 🙂 Zoey & Marley (Bracknell, UK)


Thanks to Celticstar we have finally found a dog who is so beautiful that every time we go out with her all we hear is “aww” or “oh my god what is it?”, we sometimes take a turn on responding to people’s questions.
Chichi is well behaving, super smart and very kind. She is medium size, do not make noise but an awesome watch dog and as bones, she is happy to be alone if needed to be.
Once again thanks again to Celticstar Kennel for their ongoing support, advice and most importantly for bringing Chichi to our life.
Celticstar Kennel, you have our 100% recommendations.
Kind Regards,
Navid & Chichi.chowski (Leeds, UK)


I was fortunate enough to get my adorable dog, Bear, from Celtic Star Kennels. Chantele and Ross proved very knowledgeable about the Chowski breed and diet, and Bear was a true gentle character from the moment I picked him up. As Dog breeds go, this is the most stunning breed I have laid eyes on, and Bear and I get stopped by strangers constantly on our daily walks admiring him.
Not only do Celtic Star Kennels produce the most exquisite breed, they also produced well mannered pups who adapt quickly into their new home environment. Bear is a sheer pleasure to have around and I cannot wait to continue to see him grow and mature; I can’t recommend Chantele and Ross enough!
Ania & Bear (Essex, UK)



We’ve been having so much fun with our gorgeous wee boy . Just wanted to let you know how he’s doing . He is fantastic , learning so quickly and we are loving him sooooo much . Every walk takes so much longer than anticipated as everyone we meet wants a cuddle or a photo or just want to know all about him / his breed / his name and where did we get such an adorable little dog …
He is such a loving dog and so patient with my kids as they always want cuddles from him . So chilled out too so I really think he is the best dog ever . Loves going for a big walk too and loving the attention he gets from everyone he meets .
Cindy, Bear & Family (Comrie, Scotland)


Thank you Celtic Star for breeding such a lovely puppy! Our little girl Bonnie is 10 months old and has the perfect temperament. She loves running like a husky and sleeping like a Chow so we have the best of both worlds. Bonnie has always been healthy, happy girl & we can’t wait to get her a little Chowski friend!
Bonnie & Gomez Family (Poole, UK)


I couldn’t wish for anything more from Gus.  I came to Celticstar Chowskis because he was simply irresistible and the family were so welcoming.  Gus is friendly, loyal, obedient and lots of fun as well as being very good around children!  He can go forlong walks, playing with other dogs and toys and when he’s in the house is calm as they can be.  Simply hassle free and picked up tricks and good behaviour so quickly. I would recommend Celticstar Chowskis to anyone and who knows I may have to get Gus a sibling!
Gus & Jeremy Cheung (Newcastle, UK)


We are so thankful to Ross and Chantele at Celtic Star for breeding our little Ianto, we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect puppy. He slept right through the four hour car journey home, and then settled in immediately when we arrived. He’s very well behaved, and is already house trained at only 10 weeks old which is incredible!
His coat is so shiny and soft, everybody he meets wants to dognap him because he’s just so fluffy and adorable – he looks like a real life teddy bear!Ross was very informative when we first enquired about Ianto, and assured us that we can contact them whenever we want for advice or help, which is brilliant as it puts us at ease knowing that they’re there to help if we ever need it.
Thank you Celtic Star for completing our little family, we are eternally grateful!
Josh, Dan & Ianto (Stoke-on-Trent, UK)


We were recommended Celticstar Kennels after searching for UK bred Chowskis and  finding a whole family of wonderfully fit, healthy, dashing and gorgeous looking pups and adults. All these came from Celticstar. We fell in love with their pups the first day we visited, it was even hard to decide which one we wanted to join our family in London. Safe to say any which one we had chosen and will return to get in future, would have been the most wonderful and special dog. Luna has been a joy to see grow since we got her in February. She makes any person smile for the joy and happiness her little red foxy wolf self exudes. She is affectionate, playful and sociable with babies, other dogs, kids and people. Loves to run and chase for days.  Yet calm at home, out about and loves a pass out on her back for hours. She is the perfect mix of all action and all cuteness. We love our Luna from Celticstar and will continue to return and add to our family. Luna’s Fam xx
Sophia & Luna (Chiswick, UK)


We have had Rory our Chowski for 4 weeks now and we are so glad we decided on a Chowski from Celticstar. He is so intelligent and a real fast learner. Loves being active but after a little exercise is happy to sit and watch TV.  Celticstar is a breeder that cares for their dogs and puppies. Even after bringing our puppy home we continue to keep intouch with updates and advice. We would definitely recommend Celticstar.
Kim & Rory (Liverpool, UK)


My partner and I couldn’t be more in love with our Chowski Ralph. He is the most loyal and loving dog with a daring and cheeky little personality. He loves going to the park and meeting other dogs as well as relaxing with us at night in front of the tele. We cannot thank Celtic star kennels enough for allowing us to have him, he truly has made our house a home!
Charlotte, Danny & Ralph (Tamworth, UK)


We picked up our chowski puppy in May 2017.
We’re beyond delighted with Nala (the puppy) and cannot endorse Celtic Star Kennels enough for the puppy or their support. Nala’s temperament was beyond reproach which was essential as we have young members of our extended family and 4 chickens who live in the garden. We were naturally nervous about taking on the responsibility of a dog as it was Sam’s first dog but the “Chowski pack” that came with Nala was very comprehensive and helpful – we were also assured if we had any further questions we just had to ask.
Nala took the travel home by car without any problems (7 hours to Newcastle) and has since settled into her new home well.  She proved very easy to train learning all the usual commands within the first week or so and was almost toilet trained by the time we picked her up at 8-9 weeks (still had a few accidents though). She’s excellent off the lead and is friendly to humans and dogs alike.
One small disclaimer is that you will get nowhere quickly with the puppy – every dog owner stops us to ask about the dog and we can’t walk down the street without being stopped for pictures or people running out of the shops to fuss Nala – she’s become a little local celebrity and has recently become the face of a local dog themed cafe, The Barking Bistro gaining 100+ Facebook “likes” in the first weekend. I’ve attached some of our favourite photos to date.
In all seriousness we’d like to thank Ross and Chantele so much for the dog that has irreversibly changed our lives for the better! I’d be very happy to be contacted should any prospective owners have any questions.

Kindest regards,
Phil, Sam & Nala (Tyne & Wear, UK)