Chowski’s are a beautiful mix between a ChowChow and a Siberian Husky

The Chowski as a breed is like having your own genuine teddy bear. One of the most recognisable and distinguishable features of a Chowski is the mix of blue-black tongue, some Chowski’s may have a few spots of blue/black while others may have there whole tongue covered, each puppy is different and unique.

Chowskis temperament are very loyal, friendly, loving and very intelligent. They are very eager to learn and will pick up any commands easily, we have had many families that have bought their Chowski puppy off us contact us within the first 2 weeks telling us how much there puppy has learned to do in such short time, we’ve even had a few puppies being top of there class in Puppy Training Schools! If you have the time to teach them they will give you their all, Chowskis are always eager to impress there owners in every way:)

A Chowski as a breed makes an
all-round loving family pet

The Siberian husky needs a lot of exercise and daily attention while a ChowChow is very lazy and can be quite temperamental at times, the Chow breed like there own space.

The mix between them to make a Chowski is a prefect mix, they are very friendly, loyal, clever dogs and will go for long walks with you but are also happy to chill out and sleep at your feet.

The mums are our amazing small type Siberian Husky’s to ensure short stocky bear type Chowskis, they are the same height as Dad our red pedigree ChowChow. Our puppies on average grow to be around 18-22 inches in height and weighs between 40 and 55 pounds, they are truly awsome and unique.

Our puppies are reared as a part of our family with young children

Our puppies are reared as a part of our family with young children, socialised with other dogs to ensure confidence going to there forever homes. They are use to playing with children, children picking them up and running after them, our puppies are use to the noises of a baby and everyday house hold activity. Temperament is a must with our dogs, all our dogs have outstanding temperaments, Chowski’s are a loving breed and make great family pets, with the mix you don’t have the temperamental problems of a pure breed Chowchow. Chowskis are also very Intelligent and have great recall unlike the pure husky.

All our pups are vet checked twice, given parvo and first full set of vaccinations, have been regularly wormed from 2 weeks old and microchipped.

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