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They don’t only make excellent family pets they are unique and beautiful. Our Japanese Shiba inu puppies are true to type and our bloodlines consist of, such as World Champion winner, Champion of japan, Russia, the list goes on our lines are outstanding here at Celtic Star. Our Shiba Inus are BVA glaucoma eye tested, also Gm1 and Gm2 DNA tested and all Clear. We pride ourselves in not only breeding for health and temperament but also each breed we specialise in look the part. And we also give a health guarantee as we know our puppies are healthy due to the strict testing we do with our dogs, for more information the link is at the bottom of our site map.

We are on social media mainly Instagram to keep in touch with all dogs that came from us! We have a massive following combined on Facebook and Instagram of almost 40 thousand people that truly recognize and adore our dogs and puppies. We have stacks of outstanding testimonials from our puppy’s owners that makes it all worthwhile and we offer a lifetime of breeder support!


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If interested in owning a Shiba Inu ? Why not get in touch and fill out our application form. This will not only ensure we are able to match our puppies with the right families, but helps us get to know you more a little also 🙂


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