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Celtic Star Pomskies are not known as mini huskys for no reason, they have the husky features alongside the true husky markings. Something that many other breeders haven’t been able to accomplish whilst the pomsky staying small, true to size.
We have a track record for producing stunning colours and markings, all beautiful and striking. We believe our Pomskies cover every individual taste and preference.

We have lived and breathed in perfecting the pomsky breed as a whole.

And we have earned the experience and knowledge through many years of hard work and devoting our life to our dogs and breeding programme, we have a consistent track record for producing Perfect husky marking pomskies, bang on the example of a true pomsky! Just exceptional puppies that are healthy, happy with outstanding temperaments.

We are also on social media mainly Instagram to keep in touch with all dogs that came from us! We have a massive following of 20 thousand people that truly recognize and adore our dogs and puppies.

And We have stacks of outstanding testimonials from our puppy’s owners that makes it all worth while and we offer a lifetime of breeder support!




We have been specialising in this stunning breed since late 2008! The Pomsky is a mix between a Pomeranian and a Siberian Husky. The Pomsky hybrid as a breed is regarded as ‘Designer dog breed’ and are still quite rare, its like having your own genuine mini husky. One of the most recognisable and distinguishable features of a Pomsky is there similarity to a Husky but smaller in size.

Pomsky’s temperament are generally considered to be highly intelligent, loving and playful dogs. They are very eager to learn and will pick up any commands easily, this is from the Siberian Husky side. Pomsky’s are highly intelligent and respond well to reward based training methods. If you have the time to teach them they will give you their all, Pomsky’s are always eager to impress there owners in every way.

A Pomsky as a breed are a very rare unique breed, the Siberian husky needs a lot of exercise and daily attention while a Pomeranian is your typical lap dog who tend to be very lazy at times and like to be at your side.

The mix between them to make a Pomsky is a prefect mix, a mini husky with quarter of the maintenance as the Siberian Husky, they are very friendly, loyal, clever dogs and will go for long walks with you but are also happy to chill out and cuddle up to you watching TV. The Siberian Husky are a very loved breed but require a lot of maintenance/time and exercise.

Our pomsky puppies are reared as a part of our family with young children, socialised with other dogs to ensure confidence going to there forever homes. They are use to playing with children, children picking them up and running after them, our puppies are use to the noises of a baby and everyday house hold activity. Temperament is a must with our dogs, all our dogs have outstanding temperaments.


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Pomsky generations we specalise In...

Please note we breed all types of colours/markings in each generation we specialise in.

Toy size Pomsky

Also known as Pocket Pomsky

Exclusive to Celtic star #1st original toy pomsky breeder in the UK & EU

Our Toy Pomskies also known as a Pocket Pomsky is the result of breeding our smallest Pomsky parents, resulting in the offspring’s being Toy Pomsky puppies. The puppies never Grow bigger than the parents Guaranteeing you a ”mini mini” husky. Our Toy size generation Pomsky’s vary in size, From 6.6 -15 pounds.



F1 Pomsky

Also known as Firsrt Generation Pomsky

First generation Pomsky also known as a “F1 Pomskie” is the result of one parent being 100% Siberian Husky and the other parent is 100% Pomeranian, resulting in the offspring being 50% Pomeranian and 50% Siberian Husky.

Celtic Star’s pomskies Mum will be a Pedigree Siberian husky, Dad a pedigree Russian import Pomeranian, our F1 generation Pomskys vary in size, as you can imagine, there is a large size difference between the two parents. Some puppies will follow more genetics of the Siberian Husky, while some puppies will follow more genetics of the Pomeranian size. On average an F1 Pomsky will meet in the middle in size and weighing between 10-25lbs. However we can never guarantee F1 pomskies size and the puppies can weigh below 10 lbs and above 25 lbs.






F2 Pomsky

Also known as Second Generation Pomsky

Second generation Pomsky also known as a “F2 Pomskie” is the result of one parent being F1 male Pomsky to an F1 female Pomsky, resulting in the offspring’s being F2 Pomsky Puppies.

Our F2 generation Pomskys vary in size, we can never guarantee size only give estimates from the size of the F1 pomsky parents.



F3 Pomsky

Also known as Third Generation Pomsky

Third generation Pomsky also known as a “F3 Pomskie” is the result of one parent being F2 male Pomsky to an F2 female Pomsky, resulting in the offspring’s being F3 Pomsky Puppies.

Our F2 generation Pomskys vary in size, we can never guarantee size only give estimates from the size of the F2 pomsky parents.



F1b F2b Pomsky

These Generarions Follow More Husky Genetics... 75% Husky 25% Pomeranion

F1b & F2b Pomsky is also known as a 75% Siberian husky 25% Pomeranian, the result of Mum being a Siberian Husky and dad either being a F1 Pomsly or F2 Pomsky, resulting in the offspring’s being 75% Siberian husky 25% Pomeranion.

Our F1b /F2b generation Pomskys can vary in size, As they follow more of the husky genetics they tend to be a larger generation.

Please note that the weights of puppies are estimates from the parents and cannot be guaranteed, as larger or smaller puppies may result from this hybridization. But on average our pomskies wont grow taller than the parents, can be smaller and rarely a few inches over. Weight can also be down to diet but our smaller generation pomskies are guaranteed to stay small in height, Like a mini huksy. We strive to place appropriately sized pomsky puppies to match the lifestyle of their new owners. We have a track record for producing some stunning colours and markings all beautiful and striking. We believe our Pomskies cover every individual size taste and preference.




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