Pomsky Waiting List


To be considered for a puppy from Celtic Star Kennels you must first fill in the application. You will be informed if your application was successful within maximum a week. If you do not hear from us please feel free to send us a message

​If your application is successful it will be put on file along with the date received.

We do not operate on a first come first serve basis but instead which puppy fits with which future owner.

​When we have a puppy we feel will be great fit with your home you will be sent an e-mail with photos and an offer of the puppy.

​Puppies going to homes in the UK leave at 8 weeks of age. Those traveling outside the UK cannot leave until their passport is complete at around 15 weeks of age.

​If you find a dog while on our waiting list or change your mind please let us know at your earliest convenience.