Pomsky’s are a mix between a Pomeranian and a Siberian Husky,

The Pomsky as a breed is a relatively new breed, they are regarded as ‘Designer breed’ and are still quite rare, its like having your own genuine mini husky. One of the most recognisable and distinguishable features of a Pomsky is there similar to a Husky but smaller in size.

Pomsky’s temperament are generally considered to be highly intelligent, loving and playful dogs. They are very eager to learn and will pick up any commands easily, this is from the Siberian Husky side. Pomsky’s are highly intelligent and respond well to reward based training methods. If you have the time to teach them they will give you their all, Pomsky’s are always eager to impress there owners in every way.

A Pomsky as a breed are a very rare unique breed, the Siberian husky needs a lot of exercise and daily attention while a Pomeranian is your typical lap dog who tend to be very lazy at times.

The mix between them to make a Pomsky is a prefect mix, a mini husky with quarter of the maintenance as the Siberian Husky, they are very friendly, loyal, clever dogs and will go for long walks with you but are also happy to chill out and cuddle up to you watching TV. The Siberian Husky are a very loved breed but require a lot of maintenance/time and exercise.

​Our pomsky  puppies are reared as a part of our family with young children, socialised with other dogs to ensure confidence going to there forever homes. They are use to playing with children, children picking them up and running after them, our puppies are use to the noises of a baby and everyday house hold activity. Temperament is a must with our dogs, all our dogs have outstanding temperaments.

Facts and Ouestions About Pomski’s

How big will a Pomsky grow? keyboard_arrow_down close

Our Pomeranian sires at Celtic star are imports from world level show lines they are true credits to there breed. Genuine teacup size they are both around 4 and 1/2 pounds in weight. Our Siberian Husky Mums are selectively chosen and weigh between 25-35 pounds.

On average our Pomsky’s can vary from 10-20inches in height, depending on your chosen puppy i.e standard size is a f1 Pomsky 50% Siberian Husky 50% pomeranian  

Our toy size is a f2 female & f2 sire or f2 female & teacup Pomeranian sire. Also F3=F2 hybrid to F2 hybrid. We follow the code of ethics they use in America our pomksys are 100% exclusive and genuine.

Our standard size Pomskys grow on average 15-18 inches in height.

Our toy size 10-12 inches to the withers. Our goal is to keep producing the most impressive Pomsky’s in the UK.

Pomsky Colours keyboard_arrow_down close

Colours of the Pomsky vary and they can be found in wolf grey, wolf grey and white, wolf sable, black and white. The Pomsky’s can have different kinds of markings and they can typically be husky markings, parti, sable or solid in colour.

Pomsky Eye Colours keyboard_arrow_down close

Other than their coats, the eye colour also varies and they can be husky ice blue, parti eye, green, amber, brown or hazel. It is also not uncommon for the Pomsky to have bi eyes i.e. one blue one brown.

Pomsky Coat keyboard_arrow_down close

The Pomsky’s coat is of a medium length which has a full downy undercoat. The appearance of the Pomsky’s coat is soft and fluffy which is how it earned the nickname of a ‘teddy bear’ dog. Another distinct feature of the Pomsky is its erect ears which it inherits from the Husky parent.

Do Pomsky's shed? keyboard_arrow_down close

They will blow their coat twice a year in the spring and fall, otherwise shedding is minimal.

Pomskies with Cats, other Dogs, and children keyboard_arrow_down close

Pomskies are fantastic with dogs, cats and children. They don’t have the prey drive Huskies do and there has never been a case of a Pomsky attacking a cat as far as I know, however they will play. They absolutely love children, when our puppies hear or see children they get so excited and are dead set of running up to them to play! Pomskies all around are an amazing family dog, remember socialisation is key and our puppies are well socialised.

Beware of Pomsky Scams keyboard_arrow_down close

We get atleast a few phone calls a month hearing stories about families being caught out by the pomsky scam. We do not like referring breeders as there are many Pomsky Scams and you should be very cautious when looking for your pomsky puppy. Just remember if it seems too good to be true, then it is more than likely a scam. Spend time and do the research.